Coronavirus Cleaning (COVID-19) Services in Glasgow

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Coronavirus Cleaning (COVID-19) Services in Glasgow

Virus Cleaning Services

The Coronavirus outbreak of 2020 is challenging countries across the world. We must do all we can to limit the spread of the COVID-19. To this effect, we are proud to offer a coronavirus cleaning service, also known as COVID-19 fogging services.
Fogging is a well-established process where a fogging machine disperses a fine mist "fog" of disinfectant. This fog gets into every area of a room and all surfaces and saturates the areas. Once at rest, the mist dries quickly and develops into a shield which is 99.99% effective against COVID-19, bacteria, fungi and other germs. Once COVID-19 or any other virus hits the barrier, it immediately perishes.

Let our COVID fogging process remove any fears in the workplace

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    Some of our Disinfection Services

    Regular Covid Cleaning

    Any schools, public transport and businesses that have a regular footfall and thus carry the risk of contamination, could benefit from our regular COVID-19 disinfection process. Our process is totally safe for humans and your environment, including all electrical aspects, will remain undisturbed.

    Cleanliness and social distancing are both necessary and crucial but only do so much, we also need to ensure our surroundings are as protected as they can be. Safeguarding your property, transport, friends and colleagues are as safe as can be, give us a call to discuss our fogging services today.

    One-Off Coronavirus Cleaning 

    There are lots of businesses opening up again now that the lockdown is being lifted. To ease your mind about your surrounding area, we can provide a one-off fogging clean.

    We can fog any area to provide a safe and secure environment. From homes, offices, schools, trains, buses etc. we can fog them all. Call us now to hear about our clean fogging and how it can provide some peace of mind in these strange times.


    Covid - Survey and Pricing

    We understand that these are challenging times and know that even discussing fogging in your home, business or transport is an unusual thing to do. We are more than happy to go through the best plan of action with yourself so that its best for you, your family or associates. Whether its a one-off fogging clean or regular, we will be delighted to discuss your Coronavirus Cleaning Services needs and a pricing structure to suit. Get in touch now.


    Our COVID cleaning services come with a guarantee for peace of mind
    Let us rid your area of these pesky bugs by using our Coronavirus fogging process
    Hand cleansing is useful, but full COVID cleaning removes any risk

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